Saturday, December 30, 2017

An Unique tourist attractions at Badega Gunung Parang

Welcome to Badega Gunung Parang
An unique tour and may differ from other tourist attractions.
This tourist spot is designed specifically for people who love the world of adventures, ranging from children to the elderly.

Need to be warned also to you, that the holiday would not be the same here with the holiday ever done before.
If you want to go somewhere spectacular, want to see more detail of something precious and unspoiled, want to have an adventure experiences that has never been done for the rest of your life, then this is the place.

Badega Gunung Parang owned and managed by the village people.
So do not expect you will get five-star service, because here you will be served by the plebeian in a very real sense.

You can be activities ranging  from village culinary, camping, biking, trekking, learning to be a farmer, and finally to learn rock climbing.

All guests around the world

Or if you are a climber, then looking for a different experiences climbing at tropical country, here it is a big wall at South East Asia, Mount Parang, a giant andesite rock formation, a 900 meters height, vertically into the sky.
Many sport routes established here, multi pitches up to 15 pitches, with vary grades from 5.7 to 5.14 available here. but you can also open a new route.
You can check the famous route at Mount Parang here.

Tower 1 & 2 Mount Parang
Everything is here.

If you are ready to 'blangsak' (another word from us for the adventure), then this is the place.

Welcome to Badega Gunung Parang!